Police hit out at ‘dangerous’ parking

Officers will be observing traffic at The Meadows to ensure cars are not parked on the double yellow lines
Officers will be observing traffic at The Meadows to ensure cars are not parked on the double yellow lines

Residents of The Meadows in Ellon have raised safety concerns as motorists are choosing to park on double yellow lines.

Residents raised the issue with police and said the problem was most significant between the hours of 8pm and 9.30pm.

Speaking to the Times, Ellon Sergeant Andy Sawers said: “Residents have been complaining about cars parking up on the pavement and on the double yellow lines down by The Meadows Sports Centre.

“If a car is parked in this way it causes an obstruction, parents pushing double buggies can’t get past and are forced to walk on the road which can be dangerous.

“Emergency vehicles will not manage to get down either as the road is too narrow.

Sergeant Sawers added: “We will be sending officers out to look at the issues and educate drivers where possible but a number of free car parks are open for use in the area and we would advice facility users to use them or even walk to the area if they can.”

Local councillor Anouk Kloppert was also approached by residents in a bid to stop motorists parking on the double yellow lines.

After visiting the area, cllr Kloppert said: “The double yellows in the residential area have been there for seven years and last year the lines were extended to go all the way down the road.

“Sergeant Sawers informed me that tickets get issued regularly so people should, by now, be aware they cannot park on double yellows especially when the gap to drive past left is so narrow that emergency vehicles cannot pass.”

Cllr Kloppert added:“I would like to encourage everybody to use the car parks at busy times to keep pedestrians in the whole of The Meadows area safe.

“I really hope dearly that we all want to keep everybody in the Meadows area safe and that we all should work together in this matter.

“I would not like to see the police having to spend their valuable time on issue parking tickets or worse, start issuing obstruction offence tickets which at £100 are far more expensive than parking tickets.”