Politicians visit AWPR site

Colin Clark and Gillian Owen
Colin Clark and Gillian Owen

Ellon & District councillor Gillian Owen and Gordon MP Colin Clark visited the AWPR works between Balmedie and Tipperty recently.

The politicians started at the Balmedie site office, and were taken from there to Goval to see the area around the airport.

Their route then went behind Aitkenshill, then joined the Newburgh section and the newly opened southbound carriage, on to Tipperty.

Cllr Owen said: “Inevitably I asked the question about when it will be finished and was told Winter 17/18, but obviously weather will be a key factor with this.

“There are substantial bits that are tarred and even have the white lines painted on, this was good to see, other stretches area awaiting the tar and some that are having the concrete mix applied.”

Mr Clark said: “Once it is finished it will be a substantial help to the infrastructure of the North East.”

Cllr Owen added: “The AWPR project is a massive undertaking and those working on and off site have made a huge contribution to this much-needed project.

“The Why Stop at Ellon? Campaign, was established to make it clear that we must continue Ellon onwards. I look forward to Nestrans reporting back in November when further progress can be made.

“It is such a shame the workers are here now; the equipment is here now it is just so frustrating that the will is not there to continue right through!”