A90 dualling bid is intensified

An Ellon councillor is stepping up a bid to extend the dualling of the busy A90 from Ellon to Peterhead.

Ellon and District’s Gillian Owen and Councillors Tom Malone, Peterhead South and Cruden, and Alan Gardiner, Peterhead North and Rattray, joined forces in May to launch a campaign for the 18-mile extension to be added to the scheduled carriageway project from Balmedie to Tipperty.

Councillor Owen believes the “Why Stop at Ellon?” initiative makes sense, given the importance of the Energetic Corridor to the area.

She has taken the proposal up with the region’s transport partnership NESTRANS.

Mrs Owen told the Times: “I am delighted that in this case, in line with promoting the Energetica corridor, the NESTRANS Regional Transport Strategy is being refreshed and it will include a commitment to carry out a Scottish Transport Appraisal Guidance (STAG) assessment of the corridor.”

She said it would mean Nestrans would be studying options for road upgrades as well as rail improvements.

The councillor added: “This assessment should provide the inforfCoumation necessary to construct a case for any improvements on the corridor that prove worthwhile.

“It is clear that the number of heavy goods vehicles on this road warrants an upgrade.

“The Energetica Corridor is crucial for the North-east and I am truly amazed that there has only been talk of opening up the railways, when the real answer is to get the A90 dual carriageway extended north.

“I am delighted that NESTRANS are taking this option seriously.”