Bruce welcomes broadband funding

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MP Sir Malcolm Bruce has welcomed the government’s announcement of new broadband funding for Aberdeen city, in the wake of the chancellor’s autumn statement.

The designation of Aberdeen as a ‘Super Connected City’ means that it will benefit from a share of the government’s Urban Broadband Fund, with the stated aim of improving connectivity and internet access. Aberdeen is one of ten smaller cities to be awarded funding from the scheme, along with five large cities which will benefit.

Sir Malcolm said: “Having long campaigned for Aberdeen’s recognition as a Super Connected City, I am delighted that their strong bid has been rewarded by the Coalition Government today.

“This is the culmination of vigorous campaigning from Aberdeen Council, working with Aberdeenshire Council and local politicians such as Sir Robert Smith and myself to increase infrastructure investment to the North East. Aberdeen is a hi-tech centre and will reap the benefits of this funding providing better broadband connectivity for neighbouring small businesses and individual households as well.”

“I hope that this commitment shown by the UK Government is matched by the Scottish Government in order to maximise the North East’s potential for the local and national economies alike.”