Businessman to stand in local elections

Jeff Goodhall
Jeff Goodhall

Oldmeldrum businessman Jeff Goodhall has announced that he will run as an Independent candidate in the Mid-Formartine ward.

He said: "My interest in Local Politics began when I owned a successful Furniture Shop in Oldmeldrum. Then along came the Meldrum Square remodelling.

"Many retailers and many Local folk were, shall we say, upset.

"I formed Meldrum Business Group and our first action was to join the Town Centre Working Group which oversaw the works.

" Here I lobbied for many changes to safety features at the Square including rounding of some kerbs to stop car tyres from being damaged and the erection of handrails.

"Next we held a public consultation exercise and comments received reflected faults in the Square improvement scheme. Most still exist, for example traffic arrangements are non-existent (no street makings or signs) and pedestrians find it very difficult to cross the Square.

"Since then I have become very involved in doing what I can to help Local people.

"This has included; Chair of Meldrum Business Group, this group has helped fund our Defibrillators and Village Warden, organised several events at the Square (Giving £1000 to MAIG from those events) held Xmas promotions to help local Traders, organised an Open meeting between local councillors, Council officials and the public to discuss our Survey at which meeting we were promised a Bus Hub for Oldmeldrum."

Mr Goodhall added: "I now have two jobs, one is my small business the other driving a bus.

"I have little free time but I have found time to Chair the Oldmeldrum Projects Group which helped allocate funding for many local projects, and I am a member of our Local Community Council.

"Myself and the MBG are organising a new Magazine for Oldmeldrum and I have set up a cross party page on Facebook called New Democracy in Action for Mid Formartine.

"My interest in Local Democracy has made me question its very nature. At several meetings over the years Councillors have told me that if I want changes I have to ask Council officials.

"This I have done. But, I ask myself, is this why so many existing Councillors simply do as officials tell them? How long will democracy last at a local level if this state of affairs continues? Will we simply remove all Councillors as a cost cutting measure?

"My work to help improve our community would have added weight as a Councillor, for instance my recent communications with Aberdeenshire Council to ask for help on a plan for Meldrum Square to help Traders and Public safety concerns.

"If I am successful I will put the same energy and commitment into helping all of the people in Mid Formartine from Tarves and Pitmedden to Potterton and Balmedie."