Canvass forms issued to homes across the country

Aberdeenshire Council's Woodhill House headquarters.
Aberdeenshire Council's Woodhill House headquarters.

Canvass forms for the revised electoral register have been issued to every household in Scotland.

This is the first canvass of every Scottish household since the introduction of the new system of individual electoral registration last year and the new law reducing the voting age in Scotland to 16 years old.

The revised register will be published on December 1.

Grampian Electoral Registration Officer, Ian Milton, said: “We are very keen to ensure that every citizen who is entitled to register to vote can vote.

“We can only do this if householders respond to the canvass and keep the electoral registers up to date.

“We have introduced a secure online response service that will allow householders to provide the necessary information in a matter of minutes.”

He added: “From 5 May 2016 sixteen-year-olds will be able to vote in all Scottish Parliament and local government elections.

“Households should therefore provide details of young residents who will be 15 on or before 30 November 2015 so that we can ensure they can vote as soon as they reach 16.”