Community Council discuss strategy for town

ELLON Community Council met on Tuesday night to discuss a range of topics, including the local crime rate, Ellon Strategy Forum, and funds to be allocated for local projects.

The group welcomed sixth-year Academy student Becca Allan, who had applied for the position of minute taker, and will now record the group’s meetings.

The meeting opened with a detailed crime report from Sgt Alan Wallace of Grampian Police. He informed members that the police were investigating a number of incidents over the course of the past month in the area, including a spate of vandalisms and continued speeding in the town.

He added that drivers were continuing to break the speed limit on the A90, with one car clocked travelling at 106 mph at Bridgend, and that a number of drunk drivers had been stopped and charged.

Four people in the town have been reported to the Procurator Fiscal in the past month for dealing drugs in Ellon, and one man has been charged with the break in at RS McColls on Station Road. There has also been a spate of thefts, including two televisions stolen from a property at Overton, and lead taken from Ellon Primary School. Sgt Wallace told community councillors that most of these incidents could be attributed to individuals travelling from Aberdeen, who regard Ellon as a ‘soft target’.

He assured members that Ellon remained a low crime area, and that police were routinely patrolling roads in to crack down on speeding and drunk driving. He added, however, that local residents needed to be careful about keeping houses and cars secure. “It makes our job easier if people are sensible about securing their property,” he said.

Councillors then received a presentation from former councillor and academy rector Alan Cameron, who spoke about the work done by Ellon Strategy Forum over the past year. He told the council that streamlining was being considered to make the forum more efficient, and added that the forum was working on a number of proposals related to parking, planning and public art.

In other news, Moira Muir angrily defended accusations received by e-mail that she had ‘fallen into the pocket of developers’ following disagreements on the council over the Castleton development, saying: “Developers don’t need me to argue their case - they have lawyers and QCs to do that. What I want is whatever is best for the people of Ellon.”

Lastly, members discussed funding for local projects including the Ythan webcam, a nativity display and the Rotary’s Jolerider project.