Community council told town still has low crime rate

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ELLON Community Council received a police report on Monday night describing how the town’s crime rate remained ‘low for its size’.

The re-assurance was given by Sergeant Robin Smith, who nonetheless drew the committee’s attention to a number of incidents in the Ellon area, including drugs, speeding offences, and a number of assaults in the town centre.

“Overall,” he said, “Ellon’s crime rates are falling fast. Not as fast as we would like, but fast nonetheless.”

He added that the police were monitoring the ongoing problems outside primary schools caused by inconsiderate motoring by local parents. He further drew the committee’s attention to the fact that the police had stopped three motorists for drink driving in the past month, adding that further enforcement might be needed.

The Council then debated the ongoing vacancies on the body for a treasurer and secretary, with Mark Grant eventually volunteering as treasurer, relinquishing the vice-chair post, and Tim Canning agreeing to perform the secretary’s duties. The position of vice-chair remains in abeyance.

Councillors discussed the ongoing problem with Traveller access to the Park and Ride, after twelve caravans appeared at the facility over the weekend. Assurances were received from Cllr Rob Merson that the local authority was still seeking to erect barriers which would stop this from happening. Chair Sandy McDougall said that the present occupation was yet another inconvenience to the settled population, while other members said that such bad behaviour undermined the case for a permanent halting site in the town. Cllr Merson agreed.

Lastly, the council congratulated and thanked long serving member Sandra Topp, who tendered her resignation after eight years worth of service on the council, for which she received an enthusiastic round of applause. New members Zoe Dunnet and Greg Bartlet, representing the town’s young people, were co-opted onto the council as full members.