Community council tribute to ‘stalwart’

Ellon Community Council held its monthly meeting last Monday 24 October. Chairwoman Moira Muir opened the meeting by paying tribute to former Community Councilor Louis Thomson, who passed away on 17 October.

Describing Mr Thomson as a “stalwart” of the Community Council, she said that he was a “much respected person” and “a fine ambassador for Ellon”. As a mark of respect, those present observed a period of silence in memory of Mr Thomson and to think of his family.

After adopting the minutes of the previous meeting, Sergeant Sean Reynolds gave the police report. There had been recent incidences of vandalism to cars parked in the Haldanes Car Park, with one smashed windscreen and another which was believed to be an attempted break in, he said. Elsewhere, a wheelie-bin had gone missing, which police strongly suspected had come about after pub closing time.

Parking problems caused by users of the Meadows Sport Centre were also discussed. In a joint venture with the Meadows, police would be speaking to drivers who were parked illegally or in an unsafe manner, in a bid to improve the situation (see police report page 12).

Sergeant Reynolds concluded by informing the Community Council that he would shortly be taking up duties in Mintlaw. However, as an Ellon resident, he hoped to remain in touch with the Community Council - a sentiment which those present appreciated as they thanked him for his work.

The Community Council then heard from Nicola Twine, who has been instrumental in launching a new community guide for Ellon (see page 14). The Ellon Academy Community Campus consultation was discussed, as well as planning, housing and roads. A general discussion also took place over the Haldanes site, with reference to security and whether or not a right of way existed through the site.

Community Councillor Mark Grant spoke about the town’s Christmas lights, and the events which would take place on Saturday 19 November around their switching on, which would include tables selling Christmas gifts at the Ythan Centre, as well as a parade with the pipe band and a firework display.

The Community Council’s role in Remembrance Sunday was also discussed, along with was the role of the Council itself and its members, as was the fad for hanging banners at the South Road roundabout, which some claimed was contributing to paint being chipped from the railings.