Councillor calls for road repairs

Ellon councillor Gillian Owen is urging local residents to act now to ensure the roads within the Balmacassie Industrial Estate are repaired.

Councillor Owen states that the roads are continuing to give cause for concern and she is pressing hard for the craters to be filled so that cars are not damaged when that road is being used.

Cllr Gillian Owen said: “The current situation with the Balmacassie Industrial Estate is dire yet again.

“Motorists zig zag along the road to work or when visiting the Recycle Centre.

“I would just like to call on everyone who travels along that road for whatever purpose to write to Bruce and Partners and ask them to, as a minimum, fill the giant craters.”

Councillor Owen continued: “Officers at Aberdeenshire Council are sick of me drawing to their attention every hole in that road but someone has to.

“The latest update I have received from the Council is – ‘I have, once again, relayed your comments to Bill Bruce whose company M. Bruce & Partners Ltd remains liable for the estate roads whilst they remain unadopted.

‘I’ve reminded him of his obligations and requested that he instruct contractors to patch the pothole asap.

‘Unfortunately due to several proposed developments on sites taking access off the estate road, it may be some considerable time yet before the road is in a position to be taken up to adoptable standard and its ongoing maintenance transferred to the Council.’”

Councillor Owen concluded: “Can I make a plea to all the Tenants on the Industrial Estate, that they too make contact with Mr Bruce and tell him just how unacceptable the road surface is.”