Councillor seeks re-election

Gillian Owen
Gillian Owen

Ellon & District Conservative councillor Gillian Owen is seeking re-election on May 4.

Gillian was elected to represent the Ellon & District Ward in 2007.

Her background is politics and her claim to fame is being the British PM, Theresa May’s political Agent from 1996 to 2005. She has been the Chairman of the Scrutiny & Audit Committee or as it is now known the Audit Committee, for the last five years.

Gillian said: “For the last 10 years I have enjoyed the privilege of serving as a councillor in the Ellon & District Ward during which time, I have endeavoured to be a strong voice for all the communities within the Ward.

“For while much has been achieved, there are still issues to be tackled in the best interests of all communities.

“Over the period I have served, I like to think local issues have been taken aboard, and dealt with, including ensuring we have a superb community campus, potholes have been filled in the Balmacassie Business Park, parking charges have been reviewed and local community groups supported.

“Among my specific targets, I would want better transport connections along the Aberdeen to Ellon/ Fraserburgh/ Peterhead corridor.

“I am totally committed to a fair deal on business rates for local employers, while making sure any council tax rises are spent on local facilities and not sent to the central belt of Scotland.

“A strong stance needs to be taken on anti-social driving, and campaign for a left filter at the Tesco junction with Castle Road.

“We need a reasoned debate on how Ellon town centre is developed and supported. This should include development of the old academy sites and have the option of incorporating a new medical centre.”