Councillor to hold surgery for pupils

Mid Formartine councillor Andrew Hassan
Mid Formartine councillor Andrew Hassan

Mid Formartine councillor Andrew Hassan is to hold his latest Surgery at Meldrum Academy during the school lunch hour next week.

He will be available to speak to by any pupils, in the School Library from 12.30pm until 2pm on Wednesday, December 6.

Cllr Hassan said “I wanted to make this latest surgery as easy for young constituents to come and seek advice on local issues or to ask me about my job as possible, so holding it in the Community area of the school during their school day seemed an obvious thing to do.

“The voting age is now 16, and the majority of these voters are still at school. If we are going to make a success of engaging with young people and discussing what the Council does for them then we should be making it easier to access their elected representatives.”

“As I am in the Community Area of the school campus, if any members of the public have urgent business to discuss then I’m available to discuss that too.”

During the summer Cllr Hassan rolled out a survey of all 16-20-year-olds in an effort to see how engaged they felt during May’s Council Election.

He said: "The survey showed that around 47 percent of those who replied did not vote in the election, however 73 percent added they would vote next time which is pleasing."

Just over half of respondents (52 percent) identified the policies of the candidate as their main influence on their vote, with 26 percent adding seeing the candidate on social media as a key influence.

Cllr Hassan added: “The three areas identified, and those the young voters cared about the most were education, the cost of living and affordable public transport – and these themes have all been identified in the Council Priorities consultation in recent weeks so will be high on the action list in the coming years.”