Councillors press for bridge work

Peterhead South & Cruden councillors Stephen Smith and Stuart Pratt have promised to continue to push for an early date for construction of a permanent bridge in Hatton to replace the one lost during December’s storms.

They made the pledge as they visited the temporary bridge, which was recently completed.

The resulting road closure after the original bridge was damaged cut off a large part of the village to road traffic although pedestrian access was restored by means of a temporary bridge.

Gas and water mains and electricity cables running under and alongside the collapsed bridge delayed works and the councillors persuaded Aberdeenshire Council that a temporary solution had to be found in the meantime.

Councillor Smith said: “My hope now is for the works on the permanent replacement bridge to commence and be completed as soon as possible and allow things to return to normal in the centre of the village.”

Councillor Pratt added: “I’m delighted that the two halves of the village are now once again connected by road. It’s been a long wait with a lot of inconvenience for people in Hatton. The priority now must be to get the permanent replacement in place and the centre of the village restored as soon as possible and myself and my colleague Stephen Smith will be pressing for that to happen.”