Ellon Community Council officers re-elected for year

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ELLON’S Community Council office elections provided no major upsets on Monday, as all current officers were re-elected to their respective positions unopposed.

Moira Muir once again accepted the role of chairwoman of the body, with Mark Grant as vice-chair. Sandy McDougall returned to the secretary’s post, and Sandra Topp to the position of treasurer. Cllr Merson oversaw the voting, and congratulated the council as a collective for the hard work done over the years, which had generated passionate debate over the town’s future.

The evening was also marked by the resignation from the committee of Alison Nicol, who has sat on Ellon Community Council for the better part of 15 years, due to family commitments. Chairwoman Muir commended Alison’s work, saying: “Everything we’ve ever given Alison to do, she’s done and done well. She has been committed to the community council, and to the town of Ellon, and she’ll be a real loss.”

Moving onto council business, members heard the police report from PC Sean Reynolds, who highlighted a spate of garden thefts in the area around McDonald Drive. He also noted that there had been a number of instances of vandalism at Ellon Academy, Caroline Crescent, and on Bridge Street. He added that the police were investigating an ongoing feud between two families, were cracking down on 100mph speeders on the A90, and that the town continues to have a problem with individuals urinating in public at the weekends.

One proposal which attracted support from members was the suggestion from Ellon Strategy Forum that parking in the town for the first half-hour be made free. The suggestion attracted wide support, with Cllr Merson cautioning that such an approach, though commendable, would need to be pursued on a shire-wide basis in the interests of consistency.

It emerged during the course of the discussions that Ellon has not had a full-time traffic warden since April, with police expected to issue parking tickets to problem parkers. It was agreed that this was not an acceptable state of affairs.

Councillors spoke at length about proposals for the present academy premises, with Chairwoman Muir pushing for ECC’s opinions to be consulted during the office rationalisation in Ellon. She said that she hoped the facility would stay available to the public.

“We have to take a decision soon,” she said. “We don’t want to lose facilities, not least the super assembly hall.”