Ellon councillor predicts ‘year of opportunity’

Ellon and District councillor Richard Thomson.
Ellon and District councillor Richard Thomson.
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Ellon and District SNP Councillor Richard Thomson has described 2014 as a ‘year of opportunity’ for the North-east.

In a New Year message, he said: “Very soon, we can expect to see demolition of the Haldanes site and be able to welcome a new supermarket to Ellon.

“Meanwhile, visible progress continues to be made with the new Ellon Academy. With contracts also set to be awarded by the Scottish Government later in the year for the AWPR and the Balmedie-Tipperty section of the A90, it’s clear that Ellon and the North-east are places on the move.”

He said that at Aberdeenshire Council level, the SNP has continued to raise issues of local and national concern over past year, both at full council and in committee.

The councillor continued: “In particular, we have sought to enhance levels of pupil support, further mitigate the effects of the iniquitous bedroom tax, and ensure the best possible local scrutiny of the new police and fire services.

“Despite losing the votes, the opposition SNP Group has demonstrated throughout that it has the ideas and vitality in comparison to Aberdeenshire’s current tired and lacklustre coalition of convenience.

“The biggest issue of the year will clearly be the Independence Referendum. I’d urge everyone to get hold of a copy of the White Paper and having read it, to contrast the willingness of ‘Yes’ campaigners to put as much detail as possible up for scrutiny, with the evasiveness and negativity to date of the ‘No’ campaign.

“The ‘No’ campaign seems to think that it can get by without providing any answers of its own about what a ‘No’ vote would mean. I think people are getting increasingly fed up with this kind of evasive and negative campaigning.”