First Minister hands over turbine cash to Pitmedden

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FIRST Minister Alex Salmond spent Monday morning on a tour of Pitmedden projects which will benefit from community wind turbine funding.

After a short visit to Pitmedden’s village hall, where he met with representatives of the village’s playgroup and tennis club, Mr Salmond travelled to the Linsmohr Hotel where he was greeted by members of the trust which disburses funds generated by the Udny Community Turbine.

The First Minister has previously praised the scheme as an excellent example of the potential for publically-owned renewable projects to create steady income streams for rural communities.

The Udny Turbine, which was completed last year, has generated more than a hundred thousand pounds thus far for the surrounding communities which has been disbursed by the Udny Community Trust. Local beneficiaries have thus far included the Pitmedden First Responders, the village’s tennis club, and the playgroup at Pitmedden village hall, which benefitted from a £500 cheque from the trust which was handed over by Mr Salmond on his visit.