FROM Scotland with love

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An Inverurie-based charity is appealing to film lovers in its latest drive for funds to feed orphans in one of Africa’s poorest countries.

Cineworld at Union Square in Aberdeen will be hosting the special performance of ‘Voyage of the Dawn Treader’, the latest in the Narnia series, on Sunday 12 December at 9.30am on behalf of FROM Scotland. Tickets cost £10, and include the cost of drinks and snacks for the kids, and 3D glasses. There will also be face painting, and a visit from a magician.

FROM Scotland supports orphans in Malawi, where the majority of the population live in grinding poverty. Despite being one of Africa’s more politically stable countries, Malawi continues to depend heavily on subsistence agriculture, supplemented by foreign aid. The Scottish Government has built a close relationship with Malawi over the past ten years, based on the settlement in Malawi of Scottish Presbyterian missions in the 19th century, and a shared religious heritage. FROM Scotland maintains a number of clinics, a school, and uses funds raised in Scotland to buy food for the very poorest, with £15 feeding a child for a year.

Spokesman Lewis Taylor told the Times: “Cineworld offered us a screen free of charge, so what we’re doing will hopefully raise awareness and a bit of money for the work we do in Malawi.”

“We’ve already raised £125,000 for some of the country’s poorest children, and at the moment we’re feeding something like 800 kids a day. We’re also working on programmes which will allow villages to be self-sufficient in food, without having to rely on handouts from foreign donors.”

For more information about purchasing tickets, call 01467 681208.