Gifford to stand in local elections

Jim Gifford
Jim Gifford

Jim Gifford has been selected by the Scottish Conservatives to stand in the local elections on May 4 in the Mid Formartine ward.

Mr Gifford was delighted to have been selected and has been honoured and privileged to have represented the ward, and everyone who lives and works there, on Aberdeenshire Council since 2007.

He said: "Mid Formartine is a diverse ward from rural Daviot across to the coast at Balmedie and Blackdog - A diverse community with similar challenges and demands.

"Aberdeenshire Council is facing the perfect storm of rising demand for services and decreasing budgets. That situation is unlikely to resolve itself anytime soon but the Scottish Conservatives have an excellent track record of making the very best of difficult situations and so they will continue to do that – with your help."

Jim’s priorities for Mid Formartine are:

To work with his Scottish Conservative colleagues to deliver a world-class “Gold Standard” education for all our children and young people

To work to reduce the attainment gap in our schools while raising standards across the board

To work to provide more houses - The Scottish Conservative group on Aberdeenshire Council have pledged an ambitious house building programme to deliver houses for sale or rent across all tenures

To ensure that the SNP Government don’t try another tax grab on our Council Tax money - Local Taxes for Local Services

To ensure that the SNP Government make good to their promise that all Business Rates money collected locally stays locally - Local Taxes for Local Services

To ensure that the benefits of the City Region Deal are delivered

To resist the centralising agenda of the SNP Government – Local Decisions for Local People

And to oppose the SNP’s obsession with a second independence referendum