Legal moves to have Ellon travellers’ camp moved on

Balmacassie travellers' camp
Balmacassie travellers' camp
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LEGAL moves are under way to have travelling people encamped in Ellon for six weeks moved on.

Following discussions between the joint owners of the road on which the travellers are camped at Balmacassie, a decision has been made by Aberdeenshire Council and John Sutherland to press ahead with action against the illegal camp.

Local Councillor Gillian Owen said: “This is a step in the right direction. The problem has been getting gradually worse since the travelling people moved in. I gather there are now more caravans on the site.”

The issue was discussed at Ellon Community Council’s April meeting when members asked that the code of practice be adhered to by the travellers.

Vice-chairman Mark Grant said: “It’s fine that they are likely to be moved on, but it’s just a short-term solution.

“All we will have done is move the problem on to somewhere else, and who knows they could even be back, but in meantime it is good that action has been taken.”