Local councillors react to election

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ELLON’s non-SNP councillors presented mixed reactions to the election on Tuesday, which saw the north-east painted decisively Nationalist yellow.

Liberal Democrat councillors - who make up the majority of Aberdeenshire’s local members - will have much to think about in the run up to next year’s scheduled council elections, after a culling of Liberal representation across Scotland which has left the party holding just five seats in the parliament, including Ellon’s own Alison MacInnes.

Liberal Democrat Cllr Isobel Davidson told the Times: “I am delighted that Alison McInnes has been re-elected to the Regional seat for North East Scotland for the Liberal Democrats. Alison has worked hard for the Northeast Communities and is a valued MSP. I congratulate the SNP on their Election success and look forward to seeing the promised local infrastructure improvements coming onstream in the short term.”

Conservative Cllr Gillian Owen congratulated party leader Annabel Goldie for limiting the damage to the Conservatives during the election, and preserving most - though not all - of the Conservative representation at Holyrood, which remains a tough nut to crack for the Scottish Conservatives.

She said: “Conservatives fought a hard campaign up and down the country, against a back drop of budget cuts necessary to clear up the financial mess left by the previous Labour government.

“Our vote held up well in a landslide year, and I congratulate Annabel Goldie on a positive and determined campaign.”

Democratic Independent Cllr Debra Storr lamented the fact that no Green representative was elected, but praised the growth in percentage of the Green vote.

“The Greens are obviously disappointed not to have won a seat in the north east. The SNP campaign seems to have overwhelmed all the other parties so it is hardly surprising that Greens with much less money and fewer members saw a big impact. However we do have a solid core vote, and a growing membership.”