North East’s ‘No’ to AV voting reform

ELECTORS across the UK have voted decisively to reject proposed reform of the Westminster electoral system for electing the Westminster Parliament.

Just 6,152,607 people or 32% voted ‘Yes’ to AV, compared with 13,013,123 or 67% who voted ‘No’. Across Scotland, where turnout was above the UK average thanks to the Scottish Elections, some 713,813 or 36% voted ‘Yes’, while 1,249,375 or 64% voted ‘No’.

The margin was similar in Aberdeenshire constituencies, with Aberdeenshire East voting 19,538 – 10,359 against; Aberdeenshire West voting 18,119 – 10,131 against and Banffshire and Buchan Coast voting 17,451 – 7,153 against.