Postal voters asked to sign

Thousands of Aberdeenshire postal voters are receiving forms to provide a fresh signature for security records.

Residents whose postal vote is at least four years old are being asked to update their signature.

The move will ensure that any changes in their signatures are picked up to prevent their voted being rejected in future.

Refresh forms are going out to 44,000 postal votes in the North-east, of which 22,000 are in Aberdeenshire.

Ian Milton, Grampian Electoral Registration Officer, said the law provides a strict timetable for the updating of postal voter signature records.

He added: “Voters have three weeks to provide a fresh signature before a reminder is issued.

“If a further three weeks pass without a reply the voter will lose their postal vote – but can still cast their vote in person for any elections at their polling station”

Anyone who can no longer provide a signature can still vote by post if they are granted an exemption.

Details for claiming exemption are available from the Electoral Registration Office on (01224) 664848, or from