Scrutiny group seeks suggestions

Ellon councillor Gillian Owen
Ellon councillor Gillian Owen

Aberdeenshire Council’s own scrutiny body wants people to suggest topics for future investigations.

The Scrutiny and Audit Committee has a role to review the performance of the council, looks at the effectiveness of policies and service delivery and identifies any potential improvements.

Part of the committee’s work involves carrying out an annual programme of reviews or investigations. While suggestions for the public have always been welcomed, the group is stepping up its efforts to get people involved.

Committee chair Councillor Gillian Owen said: “There is no shortage of potential themes that the committee could investigate, but we want to make sure that we are giving the public the opportunity to let us know if there are any topics they think we should look at as a priority.

“This will help us determine our programme for the coming year and ensure that we are targeting our efforts in the most important areas.”

Although the committee does not make policy or take decisions about the operation of council services, its findings often lead to recommendations that are brought before the council for consideration.

Topics previously investigated include school catering, waste, and the council’s position on unadopted roads.

Vice-chair Councillor Richard Thomson said: “As a council, the way services are provided is examined by a range of national bodies, but it’s equally important that we identify areas for improvement ourselves.

“We have a good record of making recommendations that have been adopted by the council and other committees, and in this way the public has the opportunity to help influence that process.”