Trump petition signed by 19,000

Donald Trump's team have dismissed Mr Milne's claims as "nonsense".
Donald Trump's team have dismissed Mr Milne's claims as "nonsense".

MENIE protester David Milne is to be given five minutes to present his case to Holyrood’s petitions committee after the Scottish Parliament agreed to accept the 19,000 names collected against the Trump International golf development.

The campaign was started by Mr Milne, 48, one of the residents who has refused to move to make way for the course at Menie, north of Balmedie.

He has welcomed the opportunity to speak at Holyrood on May 14.

Mr Milne said: “I will get five minutes to expand my case after I have presented my petition. The committee then have up to 40 minutes to ask me questions. I expect the petition to be taken seriously as I now have 19,000 people who are sufficiently concerned to put their names to it.

“We are approaching a very important point in Scottish history with the upcoming independence referendum.

“People need to know they have a system of governance which is fair and honest.

“The best outcome I could hope for from any public inquiry would be evidence that the people of Scotland have a system they can believe in.”

Sarah Malone, executive vice-president of Trump International Golf Links Scotland, dismissed Mr Milne’s claims.

She said: “This is the most scrutinised golf development in history, and there is no basis for this.

“The project has gone through years of planning, including 25 committee hearings, a number of parliamementary hearings, and a full public inquiry.

“Quite frankly, the claims are nonsense.”

The tycoon opened an 18-hole championship links at the Menie Estate last year, and has announced plans for a second course and proposals for a 140-bedroom hotel at the site.