Welcome support for snow sports

Nanette Milne, Scottish Conservative MSP for the North-east and Shadow Minister for Sport has welcomed the news that with 2013 being designated the Year of Natural Scotland, snow sports will be actively promoted.

The Shadow Minister for Sport said: “The tourism industry is vital to the north-east economy and not only supports many jobs in rural areas but also helps support many vulnerable communities.

“For many rural communities the ski industry is a vital part of the local economy and I believe a priority for Scottish tourism must be to encourage more Scots to stay at home and ski at one of Scotland’s ski centres as well as marketing Scotland as a first class European ski destination.

“I also believe it is important to help develop the next generation of skiers by giving Scottish school children living with the catchment areas of Scottish Ski Centres the opportunity to learn to ski in Scotland.

“I welcome the progress which is being made to explore how information on winter sports is publicised in the broadcast media and how information on snow conditions can be further developed to allow snow sports enthusiasts to plan their excursions and help to increase the number of Scots visiting Scotland’s Ski Centres.”