“Yes” campaign comes to Ellon

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Supporters of Scottish Independence were out in force in Ellon last Saturday (23 June), as they took part in a national day of action organised by the group campaigning for a ‘Yes’ vote in the forthcoming referendum.

Several local councillors joined campaigners on the streets, as they gathered signatures for the cross-party ‘Yes Scotland’ declaration, which seeks backers for an independent Scotland. Campaigners spent the morning in the town, which was busier than usual thanks to the presence of the Continental market, chatting to people about the referendum vote, handing out literature and answering questions.

The event was one of many across Scotland, as Yes Scotland activists took their message to the streets ahead of the launch of the ‘No’ campaign on Monday.

Speaking afterwards, a local spokesman for Yes Scotland said that they had been very pleased with the response they had received in Ellon.

“This was the first of many public engagement events which we plan to hold between now and referendum day, as we take our positive message about Scotland’s future to the voters”, he said.

“It’s now nearly 15 years since Scotland voted to get her own Parliament back. Having seen how it works in practice over that time, it’s clear that people like what they see and would like to see it grow further in stature.

“Despite the overwhelming negativity coming from the anti-Independence ‘No’ camp at the moment, events like today’s show that most people are very open to the idea of Independence. With the right arguments, we’re confident we can persuade people to vote ‘Yes’ and put Scotland’s future in the hands of Scotland’s people.”