Your opinion: referendum in 2014

The new Ellon Times poll has indicated that a majority of Times readers are in favour of a 2014 date for the independence poll.

As of Monday night, the results of the week-long day poll indicate acceptance of Alex Salmond’s ambition to hold the refernedum in 2014, contrary to the wishes of the Uk Government who have pushed for an earlier date.

Of 24 voters at our site, 22 expressed a desire to hold the referendum according to the First Minister’s schedule, with two preferring to hold the poll sooner.

The timing is a major sticking point in agreement between the two governments, due to the tactical concerns of both sides. Other points of disagreement include votes for 16 year olds, and the wording of the question.

Commenting on the Times poll, SNP leader Alex Salmond said: “The date for the referendum has to be the autumn of 2014. That’s because this is the biggest decision that Scotland has made for 300 years.

“This date will allow us do things properly and to have a full, open and well-developed debate, allowing the Scottish people to make a considered decision on Scotland’s future. This timescale will allow all the necessary legislation required to authorise the referendum to be passed and for proper preparations to be made, with a referendum bill being introduced to the Scottish Parliament in January 2013.“