Potential buyers queue for new Inverurie homes

Prospective house-buyers wait as the Barratt sales office opens at 8am on Saturday morning.
Prospective house-buyers wait as the Barratt sales office opens at 8am on Saturday morning.

Aberdeenshire’s reputation as one of the UK’s property hotspots was recently confirmed as more than 150 prospective house-buyers waited for the launch of Barratt Homes latest development, Osprey Heights, outside the company’s Inverurie sales office on Saturday, (May 3).

Queues for the new homes in Inverurie began at 4pm the previous afternoon, with around 50 determined customers prepared to camp out overnight.

And first in the queue were Laird and Lesley Parker who headed there from work and were among those who decided to camp out.

Everyone who arrived early knew who had arrived at what time and in what order and Barratt staff handed out numbers, with the Parkers at number one.

And Laird was also very grateful to his good friend Johnston Bruce, a resident in the nearby Osprey Village , who arrived at 7.30am the next morning with with coffee and toast!

By 8am on the Saturday morning, in excess of 50 people had gathered at the doors of the Osprey Height sales office, and by 1am, Barratt Homes’ sales team had seen more than 150 prospective customers and sold more than £5 million worth of homes!

The Parkers who are currently in rented accommodation were delighted that they had secured a new four bedroom home at the development and are hopeful that they will be in by November this year. Speaking afterwards Laird said, “I thought it was going to be a nightmare but the banter between everyone in the queue certainly made it more enjoyable. On the plus side we’re already pretty friendly with the neighbours!”

Mike Cowie, Sales Director for Barratt North Scotland, commented, “Since construction at Osprey Heights began in January we have seen a huge amount of interest in the site. However, even we were taken aback to see queues forming the night before launch! Everyone seemed in good spirits, despite the prospect of an overnight wait, and we did our bit to keep them warm with some tea and coffee.”