Probus Club hears about journey through India

Guest speaker at Ellon Probus Club meeting on July 9 was Alex Mathewson, a member of the Deeside Probus Club.

Alex, a former dentist, and his wife are keen rail travellers and have undertaken many journeys to far and strange lands.

One such venture was to India where they travelled the “Golden Triangle” visiting New Delhi, Jaipur and Agra, with a side visit to the hill region of Shimla.

Alex gave an extensive photographic account and description of their journey and the great culture shock that hit them on their arrival in India. His advice to would-be travellers is to do your homework before departing and not to expect a UK lifestyle nor UK standards of health and safety to prevail.

Anyone arriving in India for the first time, if not prepared, will be bowled over by the sheer number of people and the hustle and bustle in the cities, the glorious colourful saris the women wear, the innumerable motor bikes and the ever-present sacred cows wandering the streets and highways.

During the day there is a constant grey haze that emanates from the innumerable wood fires used from cooking.

One of Alex’s main interests was the intricate architecture exhibited in many of the large older buildings such as palaces, forts and mosques, many dating back several centuries to the days of the Mogul Empire.

These was best exemplified in the Taj Mahal at Agra and the forts and palaces at Jaipur.

Although the rail journeys proved a trifle uncomfortable at times Alex and his wife and their tour party had a wonderful and unforgettable holiday.

The vote of thanks was moved by Gordon Benton.

The next meeting is on July 23.