Probus Club hears of military life

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Ellon Probus Club president David Barclay introduced local personality and bon viveur, Lynne Copping, as guest speaker at the meeting on April 10.

Lynne devoted her talk to her family and its history, which she illustrated with photographs going back five generations to the days of her great-grandfather, who served in the Grenadier Guards.

Her grandfather and father were also military men and she spent her formative years following the postings of her father at home and abroad.

A consequence of the constant movement between military bases was that Lynne had to move between schools and establish new friendships. This did her no harm and, as she said, life for military children was really no different from that of other teenagers - including her being a screaming ‘girlie’ when the Rolling Stones played in Singapore.

Other highlights of Lynne’s experiences included being evacuated from Egypt during the Suez crisis and being ferried to and from school in Singapore with an armed escort during the period of the Malaysian unrest.

Her everlasting memory of military accommodation, however, was one of sparse facilities and outside toilets but a full and active social life made up for these minor discomforts.

Lynne married a serviceman in the RAF and she later joined the WRAF and served in Germany during the Cold War era. Her family have maintained this Copping military tradition.

A vote of thanks was given by Jim Gauld. The next meeting is the Spring lunch, on April 24 at Ellon Golf Club.