Probus Club’s talk on Burns

Ellon Probus Club president David Crosley welcomed 33 members to the second meeting of the year.

He introduced a new member Rowland Buchan, from Methlick, who gave a brief history of his life in the armed forces and in farming. He also said he had the privilege of using an Enigma Machine during his service.

The president then introduced the speaker, Charles Beaton, a Macduff loon who was an ex-geriatric nurse from 1966 up to 1993. He is also a volunteer patient for Robert Gordon University.

Mr Beaton said he had a great passion for all things about Robert Burns and then went on to give the club an insight into the tour of Scotland by the bard between August and September 1787.

Burns was accompanied on his trip by a driver and William Nicoll, who was a cantankerous person who held a dim view of the gentry. However, the young Burns managed to put up with him during their travels.

The trip took them from Edinburgh via Stirling then north past Creiff and Aberfeldy then onto Inverness.

Burns then travelled east through Forres and Elgin, Burn’s then made a lone visit to the Duke and Duchess of Gordon.

After visiting the Duke and Duchess they continued east visiting Cullen, Peterhead, Ellon and Aberdeen, a place he described as “an easy going lazy town” they then proceeded south through Stonehaven Dundee and back to Edinburgh.

The talk was extremely interesting and showed the great depth of knowledge Charles had on the subject of Rabbie Burns. David Crosley gave a vote of thanks.