Probus Club talk on cystic fibrosis

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President David Barclay introduced Irene Pucci as guest speaker at Ellon Probus Club’s meeting earlier this month.

Irene, a nurse by vocation, gave a talk on Cystic Fibrosis (CF) on behalf of the Butterfly Trust.

The charity, set up in 2002, is based in Edinburgh and its aim is to provide relief, advice and assistance to families where a member suffers from CF.

CF is a genetically inherited condition resulting from parents where both the father and mother carry a defective gene segment.

In such instances there is a one in four chance that a child will be born with Cystic Fibrosis while its siblings will be carriers.

CF is life-limiting and male sufferers are infertile.

Irene explained to members how CF affects all parts of the body but manifests itself primarily in the lungs where a constant flow of thick mucus is produced and causes severe breathing problems.

Children affected by CF require round the clock attention, constant medication and strict dietary regimes.

Affected families are placed under great stress just to cope with the demands of life.

In many instances, suffer a feeling of guilt as the condition is hereditary and thereby caused by the parents.

At present there is no cure for CF although modern medication and physiotherapy allows many sufferers to achieve a worthwhile lifestyle.

In giving a vote of thanks, Frank Anderson reflected Ellon Probus Club members’ deepest sympathy to all families who find themselves in the distressing condition of having to cope with a child suffering from CF.

The Trust is continually looking for volunteers and fund raisers,

If anyone is interested in helping they should get in touch with Irene via the Trust website -

The club’s next meeting will be held today (Thursday) and is the AGM for 2013-14 season.

Members will be entertained with a talk by outgoing president David Barclay.