Programme change for Probus meeting

Ellon Probus Club meeting on September 26 required a change to the programme.

The scheduled speaker, who was to talk on experiences gained while travelling the world, contracted a travel stomach bug.

Instead, members were treated to an outrageous and hilarious quiz organised and compered by the club’s own incomparable master of ceremonies. Norman Davidson.

The quiz was based on the television programme QI (an abbreviation for Quite Interesting) hosted by Stephen Fry where questions can be obscure and devious.

Generally the “right” answer is wrong and the most extreme answer correct.

This was well demonstrated by the low scoring attained with the winning team reaching the dizzy heights of 9 correct out of 28. Probus members are now aware, among other things, that Mons Olympus (standing at 15 miles and 388 miles in diameter) is the highest mountain, the largest living organism is a fungus found in Oregon, the moon smells of gun-powder, earwigs have two penises and that the humble guillotine originated not in France but in dear old Halifax.

A vote of thanks for a job well done was given by vice-president David Barclay.

The next meeting of the club will be on October 10 when Colin Gallagher will talk on the Lifestyle of an Olympic Athlete.