Pupils make Royal Mint!

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PUPILS at Tarves Primary School got right into the spirit of all things Royal this week, by running an enterprise project based around the theme of Prince William’s wedding to Kate Middleton.

In a project run by the primary sevens, nine teams of eight children from P1-P6 undertook a range of handicraft tasks. Using materials donated by the Aberdeen Hobbycraft store, each team made up a castle, a crown, a tiara, a flag, wedding invitations and decorations, which they then ‘sold’ for a profit.

Head Teacher Heather Scott explained how the project had worked. “Each team needed to decide for themselves who was going to do what”, she said. “As the objective was to ‘sell’ what they had made at the end, each team needed a buyer to decide which materials they were going to be able to use within the ‘budget’ they’d been set.”

The team which had made the most profit at the end won a prize, although prizes were also given out for the tidiest table, the best teamwork and the best products.

Mrs Scott praised the work of the pupils. She said: “By taking part in projects like this, you get to see qualities in the children which you might not always see from day to day. They’ve all done a great job, and it’s great to be able to involve everyone in this way.”