Pupils praised for donation to new Axis Centre

Children enjoy new equipment purchased after their donation
Children enjoy new equipment purchased after their donation

Pupils from a North-east school have been congratulated after their donation has helped a new centre in the area.

New Machar School pupils headed to the local centre recently to see first-hand how their donation would help.

Pupils from the school designed their own cards last Christmas to raise funds for local causes.

After the numbers were ordered and paid for, £400 was donated to a local charity.

The Pupil Council voted, and opted to support the new village hall in Newmachar - The Axis Centre.

The money raised was used to purchase a range of equipment for P1-S3 children to use in any of the activity clubs that the new centre will offer.

The Pupil Council, along with a small number of other children represented the whole school in a recent visit to The Axis Centre to try out the equipment their donation has paid for.

Deputy Head teacher, Fiona McDonald: “As a result, many children will now be signing up to some of the clubs on offer I suspect!”