Radio talk enjoyed by Ellon Probus members

At the latest Probus club meeting of the year, president David Barclay welcomed members and introduced guest speaker and fellow member Graham Sangster to talk was about Armature Radio.

Graham graduated from Aberdeen University and subsequently taught Physics at Peterhead Academy, followed by teaching at Robert Gordon’s for 36 years. Having explained the work of Marconi and Heinrich Hertz, in early radio communication, Graham talked about how Radio waves travel. Radio Ham’s as they are known spend time linking up across the world with old and new friends,

When the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami hit the Andaman Islands, it was a radio ham there who first informed the world as to what had happened. Radio Ham’s are self-policing and have a strict code of conduct as to what can and cannot be communicated. Back in time, Graham’s father a Bank Manager, asked him to look through a box of documents left by two elderly spinsters living in Ellon who had passed away. He was looking for any document that linked the bank with the spinster’s estate. He found a letter from Guglielmo Marconi himself, thanking the spinsters for providing him with tea on his way to Peterhead. Ellon’s one and only link with the great man who provided the world with radio. This was a talk of great interest to members and having taken some questions, the Vote of Thanks was made by Reg Smith.