Residents get creative for tapestry project

Margaret, Jessie, Margot and Nellie with the three tapestries
Margaret, Jessie, Margot and Nellie with the three tapestries

Four residents from Hanover Court in Tarves have contributed to a local tapestry project which depicts the community, past and present.

Margaret Sheridan, Jessie Simpson, Margot Britton and Nellie Rae took part in the project which has been organised by Tarves Heritage Project.

Last year, the community project invited locals of all ages to take part in creating tapestries portraying the story of Tarves.

Jessie decided to depict their housing development in Tarves by weaving the Hanover Scotland logo and other designs include Mouse by Nellie, Mouse Stealing Wheat by Nellie and Jessie, Prop of Ythsie by Margot and Roadside Flowers by Margaret.

Work started on the Tapestries in July 2017 with volunteers from Tarves Heritage visiting residents to speak with the residents about what it was they were looking for.

Residents were asked to create something that they thought was relative to Tarves and surrounding areas.

The individual tapestries were then mounted and a private viewing was offered to those who had taken part in April 2018.

Jessie said: “All four of us were very proud to have taken part in creating these tapestries. It means a lot to us and we are honoured to have taken part. We hope that other people who see these tapestries now and in the future enjoy them and the insight into the local communities that they give.”

Manager Michelle Kidd, said: “This kind of activity shows how much our residents are involved in the local community.”