River hero to the rescue in Ellon

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A GREAT GRANDFATHER has been playing down his role in the rescue of a woman who fell from her wheelchair into the River Ythan in Ellon.

James Davidson, 77, turned hero when he saw her plight and waded in to make her safe until emergency teams arrived.

The incident happened on a stretch near the town centre last Thursday afternoon.

The woman’s wheelchair slipped on the riverbank and she ended up in the water. James, from Inverurie, had stopped off in the town with his family.

He said: “I just did what anyone would have done. I was in Ellon with my greatgrandchildren and she was in the water. I noticed it and that was it.”

His wife Isobel said: “I think the lady was trying to turn her wheelchair round to face the sunshine when she slipped in.

“There was another gentlemen there trying to help but he didn’t go into the water. My husband kept her comfortable until the emergency services arrived. It’s great to know she’s okay.”

Local councillor Isobel Davidson said: “This is such an unusual incident and must have caused great distress to the lady involved. I am so glad there was someone there to assist her.”