Rotary hears of big plans for Ellon’s Hogmanay

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On March 6, The Rotary Club of Ellon Was addressed by Wayne Baber, representing Events Ellon.

The newly formed charity are intending to hold an open air concert this Hogmanay on Market Street - ‘The Gig at the Brig.’

The project is at the proposal stage with a huge amount of planning having been done and more still to do. Risk assessments, safety audits, and permissions have still all to be approved.

Wayne and his fellow organisers at Events Ellon are clearly ambitious and willing to put in an enormous amount of work to bring Ellon a charity run, family orientated celebration of Hogmany.

It is hoped to sell 3500 tickets costing £15 and children £5. The event will be licensed with bands playing from 10.30 till 1.30am. The bands that have already expressed a willingness to take part are The Dangleberries, Bloody Marys and Big Foot.

Local stallholders will get first chance for any site at the event, and the total cost of the event is to be around £65,000

Aberdeenshire Council and others will be asked for donations, and with the ticket money and bar takings any surplus will be invested in the following year’s celebration.

Wayne gave a confident presentation and has certainly done his homework. He certainly left The Rotarians with the impression that this event was going to be a great success.