Rotary hears of good work at Academy

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On February 16, the Rotary Club of Ellon was visited by a group From Ellon Academy, in a celebration of the support that the town’s Rotarians give to the school.

The group was led by Depute Rector Kim Hall, who brought three pupils to outline how the support the club gives to various activities had helped them and other pupils.

Megan Walker, a first year at Ellon, gave a mouth watering description of what she was going to cook for the Young Chef Competition on Saturday January 19 - she certainly made the members envious of the Rotarian judges.

Sixth year Gemma Sparks is off next month to Strasbourg for five days with a group including a teacher with the Euroschola organisation. For the five days she must speak only French, and will be conducting street interviews and debating in the parliament. This should be a great opportunity for Gemma as she is next year heading to Herriot Watt to study French and German in her quest to become a linguist.

Jack Radley, who is going to study physics next year, explained how the Careers Convention helped fourth and fifth year pupils make their subject choices and was very well attended. The mock interviews carried out by Rotarians were highly valued by pupils for the real experience it gives them of interviews by actual employers.

Jack also picked out the sixth year Business Challenge Day as being really valuable to pupils in building leadership skills and teamwork. Real value is gained for the day by having advice and feedback from genuine employers.

Kim Hall added that there were many other ways in which the Rotary interacts with the school. The help with stewarding at Party in the Park helped to raise funds and win a world record for the school’s mass ‘Superman’ dance earlier this year, for example.

Kim is on a real mission to offer pupils at Ellon as broad an experience as they could get anywhere, to allow them to compete with anyone in the future. She cited the example of next years’ intake of maths students at Aberdeen, 2800 applications have already been made for the 300 places. Ellon pupils will need all the help they can get!

In the future it is hoped that the existing relationship between Ellon academy and Rotary can develop and strengthen. A fundraising collection of old mobile phones and printer cartridges is soon to start, which Ellon Rotary members are keen to help with.

The confident capable young people that represented the academy were delightful and a real credit to their school.