Rugby talk for Ellon Probus Club members

PRESIDENT Alistair Sinclair introduced guest speaker Alex Dunacan at the Probus meeting on February 23. Alec, a teacher who attended Aberdeen University and played rugby for Ellon, spoke about his role as coach for Aberdeen Grammar.

Kids start art the age of five and are taken through the basics of rugby. It is essential to instil confidence and self-belief at an early stage. Those who aspire can go on to greater achievement through Aberdeenshire’s youth system, a sort of pyramid structure for developing players. Alec pointed out that it takes approximately ten thousand hours of rugby to get to professional standard. Stuart Hogg - who now plays for Scotland - was one youngster coached by Alec.

Members also watched a short video on coaching, and the importance of having a game plan. A good game plan, Alec said, can overcome a confident opposing team.

Alec’s talk gave an interesting overview of the game, and he spoke about the government’s involvement in sport in general. He then invited members to ask questions. Questions included why football received more media coverage, and why the Scottish team does not have an answer to the New Zealand Hakka, when our own players could walk onto the pitch accompanied by pipers.

The vote of thanks was given by Fraser Cushnie, who thanked Alec for his interesting talk.