Shark Week at Macduff Aquarium

Shark Week at Macduff Marine Aquarium
Shark Week at Macduff Marine Aquarium

The North Sea water may be cold but the beasts that lurk beneath have had a tremendous summer.

The summer sunshine brought a wide range of wildlife to our shores including the UK’s biggest fish, the basking shark.

This gentle giant can reach 10 metres in length and will be the subject of conversation at Macduff Marine Aquarium’s shark week; Basking Shark Special.

The annual event highlights the amazing life of sharks, skates and rays that inhabit Scotland’s coast and visitors can explore the life of these extraordinary animals.

Tomorrow (October 18) Lilian Lieber, PhD student at University of Aberdeen will talkto visitors about the mucus that covers the bodies of basking sharks and will be bringing along some of the sticky stuff collected from the fish.

Visitors will get the opportunity to take part in illustrated talks, sharky trails and interactive games along with the aquarium’s scheduled feed and dive shows.

The aquarium homes six different shark species and has its own shark nursery where baby dogfish and rays are hatched and cared for before they are released into the wild.

Weather permitting, the juvenile sharks are set for release tomorrow (October 18) and will make their way into the open waters of the Moray Firth.

Sandra Bisset, Aquarium Learning Officer said: “This year we were fortunate to have a basking shark pass just outside the aquarium, feeding for more than an hour. This Shark Week there will be plenty of sharky fun.”

Shark Week runs from Saturday 12 to Sunday 20 October. The baby sharks will be released at 4pm on Friday October 18.

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