Shelterbox donation from Inner Wheel

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ELLON’S Inner Wheel ladies will help a desperate family survive somewhere in the world this Christmas, after sponsoring a Shelterbox.

Although the ladies are not usually a fundraising group, £590 was raised following an appeal by district commissioner Sandra Bartram for help with the Rotary’s Shelterbox Project.

After initial donations, the shortfall was met by Inner Wheeler Jean Philip, who knitted scarves to sell to family and friends in the run up to Christmas. She handed over the cheque to Sandra Bartram on Monday Night. The Shelterbox it purchases will be sent out to a disaster zone to help disposessed families.

Spokeswoman Anne Hamilton told the Times: “The people of Ellon have always dug deep in their pockets for charity, particularly in response to a humanitarian crisis.

“Over the past few years much of this support has been in the form of buying Shelterboxes, which are sturdy, watertight boxes with many uses of their own when empty but which contain a very strong weatherproof tent, sleeping bags, a cooker and living supplies for up to ten people to give them shelter and a home until more permanent arrangements can be made.

“Shelterboxes are shipped all over the world wherever and whenever there is an emergency situation and are distributed on the ground by local Rotarians so that all the equipment finds its way to those in need.”