Social media intrusion on our daily lives

Perhaps it is just my imagination, but we seem to live in a world that has been taken over by social media.

Everywhere I turn I seem to come across people on their mobile phones, or indulging in message sending of some kind.

To whom and to where, especially at 7am in the morning, or whatever ungodly hour of the day, I can only guess.

Now why I can have no reasonable case to make against their right to send, or receive communications, I do have cause for complaint when they bump into me head down on a busy street.

Or even more annoyingly, when I am stuck behind them in a queue for a bus, or at an ATM in the high street, or in a shop where they have to complete the transmission, or whatever before tackling the matter in hand.

Smart phones have in fact become an intrusion in our daily lives, as it seems that they have become a fixture in the hands of many members of the public, and certainly the first thing to be reached for when completing a plane, train, or bus journey. For many they have become some kind of comforter, to be reached for in moments of stress.

And just in case you smug older people think you are exempt from my accusations, I would suggest you are just as guilty.

Older women shouting down the line that they are “on a bus and just coming into Ellon” being a favourite hate of mine. Even in the relaxed atmosphere of our pubs there is no escaping them, as they are frequently hauled out to resolve an argument. And who am I to take issue with the mighty Google.

Interestingly, Scots are not reckoned to be the best communicators in the universe, but when it comes to using the various social media outlets, we are up there with the best of them, and you know what, it ain’t going to change much in the foreseeable future.

Mind you I could just be wrong, especially as we have a Westminster government that is planning all kinds of invasions on our privacy, not least one which predicts our date of death, designed to help us pad out our pensions before we pop our clogs.

I am not sure how they will relay the information to us. The most likely method will be through our bus passes, which when we receive them will indicate the date of expiry to coincide with our passing on.

Now there’s a thought. You can just imagine the many ‘’Scotland the What’’ moments throughout the land.

“What Wullie, your going on May 30, 2018, michty your lucky I’m scheduled to go on May 28 next year.”

Finally, a big thank you to those of you who have been asking for my health after my fall in March.

I’m fine, but just wonder if the date on my bus pass will have been brought forward, as a result of the shake-up I got on March 27, 2014.