Special Olympics instructors visit Ellon Rotary for talk

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On Wednesday, October 5, Ellon Rotary had two speakers from Special Olympics Organisation, Grampian, namely Malcolm Campbell and Jim Purdie, giving different insights into their work.

The Special Olympics Organisation caters for people with special needs, allowing them to take part in sports in the region - mainly snowsports. Malcolm Campbell is the head coach for Grampian Ski Team, and explained his role in teaching new coaches. He elaborated that his job also included teaching skiers, where the focus is on having fun whilst learning the sport. He spoke mainly regarding the funny and enjoyable side of the job, having taken Special Olympics skiers to competitions both in Britain and abroad, with considerable success.

Rotary’s next speaker for the evening, Jim Purdie, joined Special Olympics Grampian when one of his sons, Luke, was a skier in that category. Jim spoke mainly on the need for funding, since Special Olympics Grampian requires venues to hire for training, amongst other things. At present, they are training to take part in the 2013 Winter Special Olympics in South Korea.

The vote of thanks was given by Doug Winchester.

Pictured: Ellon Rotary’s Bob Black, with Malcolm Campbell and Jim Purdie.