St Mary-on-the-Rock Mother’s Union Presentation

THE St Mary-on-the-Rock Mother’s Union branch met on Tuesday, February 5 and the speaker was deaconess June McCormack who told us about Send a Cow charity. The charity is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. It all started when a visiting Bishop of Uganda was visiting farms in the west of England. The herds were large, and he wondered if several farmers could spare a cow each to send to Africa to help the poor there. 30 cows in calf were sent to Uganda, and from that small beginning the charity has spread to seven countries.

Before a family receives a cow, they are trained in how to care for it, how to improve their land so they can grow fodder, and how to milk the animal. This milk nourishes their children - one cup of milk a day can prevent under-nourishment. When a cow is in calf and it produces a female, the family promise to give that calf to another family in need, which means the scheme is self-perpetuating. Latterly, other animals have been introduced such as goats.

From this, so many families have improved their health and ability to earn money to be used to build better houses and get education.

The vote of thanks was given and a donation to the charity presented by Mrs Pam Dench. The next meeting will be on Tuesday, March 5 at 1.45pm when the Rev Alison Harvey will gives us some ‘Lenten Thoughts’. All are welcome.