Steps taken to re-establish Ellon Community Council


Following a request from the requisite number of community members to re-establish a Community Council for the Ellon area, the Formartine Area Office has advised that steps are now being taken to progress this.

Aberdeenshire Council will publish a public notice after the summer period, inviting nominations from those who meet the criteria to stand for election.

As long as the minimum number of valid nominations required are received by the closing date, a new community council will be formed.

Should there be more valid nominations received than places available on the community council, an election will be held.

Aberdeenshire Council is urging people in the Ellon Area to consider over the summer whether they would like to be part of the community council.

By joining your community council, you can influence what happens in your community.

Community councils are recognised as the point of contact in communities to seek views and ideas about what is important to people in that area.

It is very important that each town has a community council to ensure that it is able to receive appropriate services and comment on developments and policies that will impact on their lives.

Ellon & District councillor Richard Thomson said: “A town the size of Ellon ought to have its own community council and the fact that one hasn’t been in place for the past few months has left a noticeable hole at the heart of the life of the town.

“It’s important that Ellon has a community council which can work for the greater good, in partnership with local elected representatives and council officers.

“I hope that sufficient candidates come forward to give local residents a real choice in who they want to represent them in carrying out the important work that a Community Council does.”

Meanwhile Aberdeenshire East MSP Gillian Martin added: “Community councils are the best way for local residents to represent the area they live in.

“They can provide invaluable feedback to local councillors, police, business owners and other people in the town.

“There is more than meets the eye and community councils are involved in a variety of roles including helping with environmental projects, organising local galas, campaigning on local issues and organising public meetings on major development proposals.

“It would be brilliant to see more people engaged with their local area and I would encourage as many residents to lend their voice to help raise the concerns of the community.”

Candidates must be aged 18 and over and either appear on the electoral roll for the area or have their main residence within the boundary.

Business owners in Ellon can also put their names forward.

A new community council will be formed if the minimum numbers are achieved by the closing date.

To find out more contact the Formartine Area Office on 01358 726404.