Stuart Donaldson gives maiden speech at Westminster

In Westminster last week, Stuart Donaldson MP rose to make his maiden speech which highlighted the beauty of WAK.

Speaking to his peers, 23-year old Mr. Donaldson joked about his youthful appearance and about missing out on national press coverage due to only being the second youngest Member of Parliament.

On a more serious note, Mr. Donaldson went on to speak about his constituency, as is tradition in a Mp’s maiden speech.

He said: “West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine is a diverse and geographically large constituency.

“From farming, oil and gas to tourism, the constituency is a very prosperous and pioneering one.

“Although many of my colleagues have claimed the title of most beautiful constituency - however I think we will all find the West Aberdeenshire & Kincardine is the most beautiful – as endorsed by not only Billy Connolly who moved in to the area last year, but also those who live on the Balmoral estate.

“Indeed with visits from no less than four members of the coalition government’s front bench, including the former deputy prime minister and the chancellor, they were obviously all very keen to see for themselves it’s sheer beauty.”

Mr. Donaldson then went on to discuss in detail many of the towns and villages which make up the constituency including Banchory, Ballater and Alford.

“The gateway to Royal Deeside is Banchory, right in the heart of West Aberdeenshire & Kincardine.

“Banchory has well known features such as the Scotly Hill with its tower monument and the Beautiful Fall of Feugh.

“Banchory is also the birth place of the famous fiddler James Scott Skinner, who was also asked by Queen Victoria to teach Callisthenics to the Royal Household.

“My high school, Banchory Academy is one of the highest achieving in Scotland.

“Notable alumni include top flight footballers, the founder of the website, mashable, and an Olympic snowboarder.

“Despite the obvious affluence of being the area with the most 4x4s, there is still a food bank in Banchory, and I have no doubt that this is due to some of the punitive measure inflicted by this government on some of the most vulnerable in our society.

“Moving up Royal Deeside, Mr Speaker we come to Ballater.

“In the week following my election, there was the shocking news that the historic Ballater royal station used by Queen Victoria had burnt down. The station was very much a focal point for the village and for tourists coming to the area, and I am pleased to say the station will be rebuilt and would like to reassure members and the public that Ballater is still very much open for business.

“I should think so, for a village with more royal warrant holders than any other.

“Alford, in the north, hosts a statue of a bull to symbolise the historic connection between the celebrated Aberdeen Angus breed which I’m sure many members of this house will familiar with.

“In fact it was one of my predecessors, William McCombie, MP for West Aberdeenshire between 1868 – 1876, who is credited as one the original breeders of Aberdeen Angus cattle.

“This breed is said to have many good characteristics, They are resistant to harsh weather, adaptable, good natured and mature extremely early.

“However they are also said to be undemanding and I am sorry to tell the benches opposite they will not find that from me.

“I could go on for quite some time about all that West Aberdeenshire & Kincardine has to offer, With many fantastic castles from Craigievar to Dunnottar and spectacular mountains such as Lochnagar in the Cairngorm National park, There is much that makes West Aberdeenshire & Kincardine a wonderful place to live, work and of course visit.”