Success again for music school

Skin Deep School of Modern Music, Ellon
Skin Deep School of Modern Music, Ellon

It was a 100% pass rate once again for the Skin Deep School of Modern Music, based in Ellon.

Jayne Brown, who co-owns the school, with her husband Ian, said that she is very proud of the results and that the latest excellent results are down to the hard-work of the pupils.

The school will be out singing Christmas carols this Saturday outside their school entrance on Neil Ross Square.

For more information call the school on 01358 725684.

The latest exam results for the pupils are as follows:

Kaitlin Dickson, Guitar, Grade 2

Alasdair Macpherson, Drums, Grade 7

Gregor Lumsden, Drums, Grade 5

Ethan Lumsden, Drums, Grade 4

Finn MacDonald, Drums, Grade 5

Sean Mitchell, Drums, Grade 6

Will Hawthorn, Drums, Grade 4

Alex McDermott, Drums, Grade Debut

Liam Brady, Drums, Grade Debut,

Chloe Thompson, Drums, Grade 3

Donald Pirie, Drums, Grade 3

Daniel Nelson, Guitar, Grade 4

Emma Jamieson, Guitar, Grade Debut

Mark Astley, Guitar, Grade Debut

Enya Patterson, Guitar, Grade Debut

Calena Anderson, Guitar, Grade Debut

Jamie Walburn, Drums, Grade 1

David Garden, Bass, Grade 7

Noah Cuthbert, Drums, Grade 1

Michael Ironside, Drums, Grade 6

Hannah Krukowski, Guitar, Grade 1

Jack Stephen, Drums, Grade 6

Ellis Sparks, Guitar, Grade 5

Stevie Gray, Drums, Grade 1

Stuart Gill, Bass, Grade 5

Logan Buchan, Drums, Grade 2

Moira Smart, Drums, Grade 2

Joshua Mackenzie, Guitar, Grade 3

Claire Curran, Guitar, Grade 4

Fraser Burnett, Drums, Grade 5

Sam Mitchell, Drums, Grade 3

Neil Rattray, Drums, Grade 3