Support for Ellon’s Breastfeeding mums

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AN ELLON Support Group for breastfeedeing mums is looking for new members, offering support and advice to those nervous about feeding in public.

‘Boobs and Banter’ meet at Ellon’s Old Academy on Mondays at 12.30-2.30pm, and are a peer support group for breastfeeding mums aiming to build their confidence and offer input from health visitors. The group was started by Gill Duff, Jennifer McLoughlin and Gemma Hutchinson, who identified a gap in provision for breastfeeding mums in the Ellon area.

Organiser Gemma Hutchinson said: “The aim of the group is to help mums who want more information and feel more prepared when it comes to breastfeeding.

“It’s not just for people experiencing difficulty - ultimately, we want to create a place where breastfeeding mums can feed comfortably, chat to other like minded people and have access to support if they need it. We’re also looking for mums who are established breastfeeders, who could offer their advice and experiences.”

She added that the group had approached local businesses for sponsorship, with a positive response.